How My Love For Cast Iron Cookware Began...

How My Love For Cast Iron Cookware Began.....

Once per week, I have decided to share random things that I love on this blog.  I know cookware isn't very random because this blog is mainly about cooking but I have many other interests!  A friend posted a picture of her cast iron collection on Facebook, so I decided to snap a picture of ours as well.  As it turns out, we have quite a bit more than I had initially thought! 

I believe that my husband started my love for cast iron cooking.  On my 26th or 27th birthday (can't remember which!) I came home after a long day at work to a printed menu by the door accompanied by a glass of wine. How wonderful is that?! The house was cleaned and the floors were mopped. My kind of present! As I walked into the kitchen, heavenly smells hit my nose and my other present was revealed.  He had prepared duck l'orange in my present, a Le Creuset 15.5 quart goose pot! I was in awe because not only was he cooking duck for the first time ever but the pot was absolutely stunning. See picture below!

 Le Creuset 15.5 quart goose pot in the color red!

 The next addition to the family was this one....

Le Creuset 5 quart oval Dutch oven in the color flame!

If you are thinking about investing in a cast iron Dutch oven, I highly recommend this size as your first purchase.  The 5 quart is the pot that I seem to reach for most often.  I make everything from stews to homemade bread in this pretty little thing. It is the ideal size and starter item.  If you notice throughout the blog, this Dutch oven is the star in all of my pictures.  My parents gave this to us in 2004 as an engagement present. After all of these years, it still looks amazing and produces wonderful meals!  

The rest of the cast iron family were gifts from our wedding.  I think my friends thought that we were crazy for registering for all of these Le Creuset pots and pans!  The truth is, I just love the way things cook in cast iron.  Not only are they the perfect cooking vessels but they look really nice as serving pieces as well (double duty!).  The cast iron distributes heat evenly and the fact that they are enameled inside makes them a cinch to clean! They are a bit heavy but who doesn't need a bit of a workout here and there? I began using cast iron cookware over 10 years ago and I will never go back.  These are timeless heirloom pieces that will be passed along to my children.  If you take care of them, they should last you a lifetime.

*Just a note that there are many great brands of cast iron cookware on the market.  I featured Le Creuset because that is what we have.  Other brands to consider are Staub, Lodge (most affordable), etc. They come in all different price ranges making cast iron affordable for everyone.  The 15.5 quart goose pot was purchased on eBay for half price because there was a slight color defect on the lid and I believe that the 5 quart Dutch oven was purchased at a Le Creuset outlet so just keep your eyes peeled for deals! Also, be on the lookout for cast iron items at consignment shops and thrift stores because you can certainly find them there too! 

Feel free to post your beauties down below!

Photos by Becky Loves Cooking


  1. Wow Becky, your collection is like mine! :) I don't use any other cookware now too. I love your blog - have tried a few of your video recipes and they are great! So happy to have found it! :) Susannah

    1. Thank you so much, Susannah! Your post made my day! I think the only time I will ever switch back is maybe when I am 85 or so and can't lift the heavy cast iron anymore! haha!

  2. Thank you for your kindness in discussing a great details. Hope to best stainless steel cookware


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